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Interactions between pharmaceutical companies and medical providers vary widely from daily visits by pharmaceutical representatives with samples to give, distribution of gifts and marketing products, to sponsored conferences, trips and educational junkets.  No matter where in the continuum of interaction your health center falls in, it is important to have a proactive stance on the type and extent of this interaction.  On this page, we offer several samples of protocols and procedures adopted by other medical institutions that may provide a template for your health center to consider in effectively dealing with pharmaceutical marketing. 

If your health center is interested in exploring policies on pharmaceutical marketing, NCFH has identified several sample policies for your consideration: 

1)      University Health System – Pharmaceutical Industry

2)      Department of Veterans Affairs/Veterans Health Administration – Business Relationships between VHA Staff and Pharmaceutical Industry Representatives

3)      Stanford University Hospital and Clinics – Policy and Guidelines for Interactions between Staff and Pharmaceutical Industry

4)      Wellspan Medical Group/York Hospital – Administrative Policy on Pharmaceutical Representatives

5)      PhRMA (Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America) – Voluntary Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals

6)      U-M Health System: Drug samples, drug reps and beyond

7)      The Prescription Project: Policy Brief

8)      American Medical Student Association – Pharmaceutical Representatives: An Evidence-Based Review with Suggested Guidelines for Clerkships