National Center for Farmworker Health

Communication Skills

Program Overview

How often have you struggled to get your point across or to understand what someone else is trying to say? Workplace communication is a process that can create organizational conflict and decrease service delivery. This program focuses on the improvement of communication and productivity within the workplace setting. Participants are guided through activities and invited to dialogue on issues related to trust and respect. Various communication styles will be identified, and participants will explore methods to embrace these differences in a positive manner. We will explore methods to build optimal skills in internal and external interpersonal communications. The outcome of this workshop is to acquire the tools that can be implemented positively in the organization and ultimately fulfill organizational goals.

Program Objectives

This training will serve to:

  • Identify and develop basic communication skills and styles.
  • Develop active listening skills and identify body language signals.
  • Identify common communication barriers.
  • Facillitate the development of communication guidelines for your organization.

Program Highlights

Overview of Communication

Although most of us feel that we can communicate rather effectively, we begin this portion with a thorough review and refresher of the basic principles of communication. Participants are invited to develop understanding of different communication styles and channels of communication. Various communication models are introduced along with skills and tools to enhance communication in the workplace.

Development of Listening Skills and Nonverbal Communication

In this portion of the program, participants are provided with the basic elements of active listening along with the significance of body language and how it can be used to communicate. Role plays are used to demonstrate communication tools and to provide participants with examples of effective communication.

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Different situations demand different communication styles. This component of the program focuses on utilizing different forms of communication that address the types of interpersonal behavior. Participants will receive specific instruction and guidance through the incorporation of role plays to apply appropriate strategies for communicating.


NCFH will guide you in the development of workplace communication guidelines that can be established and adopted as "organizational standards" for creating an effective workplace and providing excellent customer service. By identifying workplace barriers and challenges surrounding communication, participants will have the opportunity to brainstorm solutions or strategies they can put in place in order to establish the foundation for the development of the guidelines.