National Center for Farmworker Health

Strategic Planning for Corporate Success

Migrant Health Centers are continually challenged to meet the demands of serving underserved and underinsured populations, including the farmworker community, in a very competitive financial environment. Migrant Health Centers have been charged to double the number of patients served; therefore, it is critical that health centers plan strategically to accomplish this goal. NCFH can facilitate your strategic plan development through use of the LENS process. Leadership Effectiveness and New Strategies (LENS) are methods of strategic decision making that is provided as an on-site technical assistance service. This is a custom-tailored process that addresses individual health center needs and includes both internal and external environmental analysis, creative and strategic group thinking, and development of an implementation plan. LENS is a powerful and well-tested method, which is inclusive and a highly interactive method that is applied in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors. The LENS process guides the health center through the strategic planning process and works on the premise that the solutions to the problems experienced by the health center can be found from within the organization, tapping the expertise and knowledge of staff and board members. This service is provided by NCFH senior staff consultants who are experienced in use of the method, knowledgeable in the field of Migrant Health, bilingual, and able to work with both board and staff members effectively.

Note: This strategic planning process can also be adapted for other non-profit organizations.