National Center for Farmworker Health

CLS: Comprehensive Cancer Training

This bilingual training is a spin-off of our evidence based Cultivando la Salud Breast and Cervical Cancer Education Program. The CLS Comprehensive Cancer Training incorporates similar methods and principles as the CLS breast and cervical cancer program curriculum, but it also targets some of the other leading cancer areas affecting farmworker men and women in the United States including oral, prostate, testicular, lung, and skin cancers. In addition, this curriculum provides trainers and health promoters with leadership skills, teaching methods, and cancer knowledge including risk factors, signs and symptoms, early detection, and screening guidelines for each cancer presented. Leadership skills are introduced through exercises and activities that assist with the identification of individual skills and abilities, and recognition of personal attitudes and beliefs. Interactive teaching methods are presented throughout the curriculum via dynamic activities and games which facilitate the learning process.

Training opportunities are available to interested organizations. For more information on this training, please contact Alicia Gonzales at 512-312-2700 or by email at:

To view a sample lesson from the curriculum click here:

(*This program was funded by the Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Program Announcement #97073, Cooperative Agreement U57/CCU614491.)