National Center for Farmworker Health

Migrant Health Voucher Programs

Of the 157 Migrant Health Program grantees funded by HRSA as of January 2007, 21 Migrant Health grantees are structured as Migrant Health Voucher Programs.

The Migrant Health Voucher Programs funded by HRSA provide the same comprehensive primary and preventive health services required of all health center program grantees. They provide access to care to the same types of farmworker patients, and meet the same federal program requirements applied to all health center program grantees. Where Voucher Programs differ from health centers, for the most part, is in how the arrangement for patient service delivery is structured. Where health centers generally provide services on-site, most Voucher Programs contract to purchase primary and preventive care for patients from established community providers.

Migrant grantees may be structured as voucher programs rather than health centers when:

  • The number of farmworkers requiring care are thinly distributed over a large geographic area;
  • These geographic areas are characterized by limited agribusiness or short harvesting periods;
  • Existing provider organizations cannot or will not serve as direct migrant grant recipients; and
  • Existing providers have the capacity to meet the primary care needs of the farmworker population.

Migrant Voucher Programs currently serve farmworkers in the following states:

Migrant Health Voucher Programs

Maine New Hampshire Vermont Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut New York Pennsylvania New Jersey Delaware Maryland West Virginia Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Florida Alabama Tennessee Mississippi Louisiana Arkansas Kentucky Ohio Indiana Michigan Illinois Wisconsin Missouri Iowa Minnesota Texas Oklahoma Kansas Nebraska South Dakota North Dakota New Mexico Hawaii Alaska Arizona Colorado Wyoming Montana Utah Idaho Nevada California Oregon Washington