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National Advisory Council on Migrant Health

The National Advisory Council on Migrant Health (Council) was formed under the 1972 Federal Advisory Committee Act. The Council is mandated to advise, consult with, and make recommendations to the Secretary of Health and Human Services regarding the health and health care needs of migrant and seasonal farmworkers in the United States. The members are comprised largely of farmworkers who also serve as governing board members of local federally-funded migrant health care programs. As such, the Council offers a practical knowledge about the health and health care of farmworkers, which is vital to the development and implementation of effective federal farmworker health policy. Toward this end, the Council works closely with the Migrant Health Program in the Office of Minority and Special Populations.

The National Advisory Council holds public meetings three times each year. Input to Council recommendations is regularly solicited from migrant health programs, various federal and non-governmental agencies, farmworkers, and any other interested parties. The farmworker input process has been institutionalized in the form of public hearings held as part of Council meetings. These hearings share in a long-standing tradition of farmworker hearings sponsored by various federal agencies and committees to discern the conditions of farmworkers' lives.

Current members of the National Advisory Council include:

  • Frances R. Canales  (Minnesota) 
  • Gwendolyn E. Gould (New Jersey) 
  • Jill F. Kilanowski (Michigan)
  • Martha Lopez, EdD (Washington)
  • Rosa Martin (Kentucky)
  • Victoria Montoya (California)
  • Edelmiro Moreno Garcia (Texas)
  • Jeffrey Partyka (New York)
  • Jesus A. Tijerina (Colorado)
  • Joan Tronson (Minnesota)
  • Wenceslao Vasquez (California)


Publications are available in support of the Migrant Health Advisory Council recommendations as well as a listing of recommendations from the Advisory Council:

Losing Ground, 1995 - Recommendations of the National Advisory Council on Migrant Health

Monograph Series, 2002

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