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Newest Migrant Health Newsline! Improving Health Access through Technology




As technology becomes more pervasive in our world, it is also reshaping healthcare. Innovative programs and applications like Electronic Health Records (EHR), mobile applications, and the high tech medical instruments that make telehealth possible are just some of the ways technology is improving access to care worldwide. This issue of Migrant Health Newsline explores examples of how health centers and health organizations are seeking innovative solutions to address the needs of their patient and client population. In this issue you can read more about:

  • mobile health (mHealth) applications for migrant farmworkers
  • telehealth and how it is improving access to care in rural New York
  • how a mobile app is changing the face of work for community health workers

You will also find helpful resources for implementing technology programs at your health center and learn about two upcoming technology-based projects being implemented at NCFH.   

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