National Center for Farmworker Health


A Collaborative Initiative Between the National Center for Farmworker Health and the National Alliance for Hispanic Health


Purpose and Intent

I. Increase knowledge and Awareness of ACA Eligibility Among Potential Hispanic Enrollees:

  • Through provision of ACA information and referral via  Su Familia, the National Hispanic Family Health Helpline, a culturally appropriate and trusted source
  • To all Hispanics, including C/MHC patients, with a special focus on H-2A  agricultural workers  

II. Increase Access to Health Care and Other Related Services through:

  • Collaboration with local, state and national organizations committed to similar goals, including C/MHCs and HRSA NCAs.
  • Provision of individualized patient navigation services through the Su Familia Helpline and the NCFH operated Call for Health Program.


   National Center for Farmworker Health  

National Alliance for Hispanic Health







The National Center for Farmworker Health (NCFH) is pleased to announce a collaborative initiative with the National Alliance for Hispanic Health (the Alliance) under a supplemental grant award from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). The aim of this partnership is to assure access to accurate ACA eligibility information to a largely Hispanic audience with a specific focus on H-2A agriculture workers, and facilitate access to care for H-2A workers in need of health services.

H-2A workers are temporary, non-immigrant agricultural workers who are brought to the U.S. to work on our nation’s farms. As lawfully present individuals, H-2A workers have rights and responsibilities under the Affordable Care Act (ACA); however, these workers have limited access to information on the U.S. health care system. Through the Alliance and NCFH’s combined network of organizations and established toll free bilingual call centers, we intend to increase the knowledge and awareness of potential Hispanic ACA enrollees with culturally appropriate and trusted information and referrals; enhance community and migrant health centers’ capacity to provide current and accurate outreach and enrollment services; and, increase access to health care and other related services.  


Su Familia (Your Family): The National Hispanic Family Health Helpline:   

(1-866- SU FAMILIA or 1-866-783-2645), operated by the Alliance, is the primary point of contact for callers and it offers Hispanic consumers free, reliable and confidential health information in Spanish and English and helps navigate callers through the health system. Nationwide resources and local referral services are provided depending on the need of the caller. Staffed by bilingual Health Promotion Advisors (HPAs) the helpline provides basic information on a wide range of health topics, including ACA related issues.

Using zip code information to search an up-to-date database of over 10,000 providers, advisors are able to refer consumers to health care facilities in their community as well as other local services for one-on-one assistance with enrollment in the ACA Marketplace. To provide consumers with culturally proficient health information, materials have been developed on a wide array of health topics, including: cancer and cancer treatment; cardiovascular disease; child and adult immunizations; diabetes; HIV/AIDS; hypertension; mental health issues; and, Medicaid, CHIP, and ACA. Su Familia Helpline operates from 9am to 6pm Eastern Time and up to 7pm during the Marketplace Open Enrollment Period. 

This project will be coordinated with, and refer patients to, the NCFH Call for Health program and the Migrant Clinicians Network (MCN) Health Network services. 

  • The Call for Health program will provide coordination of care in critical cases when all other resources have been exhausted.          
  • MCN’s Health Network will provide bridge case management for mobile patients with conditions that require continuity of care from place to place, such as chronic or infectious diseases or pregnancy.