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Migrant Health Research E-Group

The NCFH Migrant Health Research E-Group is available to all migrant health professionals interested in dialoguing with their peers around migrant health issues, especially those that relate to advancing our knowledge of improving access to care for farmworkers and their families. For those of you not familiar with e-groups, these can be defined as small programs that automatically redistribute messages to names on an electronic mailing list. Essentially, an e-group is a large electronic message board where messages are posted online covering a variety of topics. These messages, and the responses to them, are then e-mailed to all the members of the group. Using the e-group is very easy. As a member, you can ask questions or respond to inquiries posted to the group by simply going to the e-group web page directly or through your personal or work e-mail. Also, if you happen to miss a discussion, or just want to see what has been previously posted, all questions and answers are archived on the e-group and searchable by keyword and/or date posted.

For those interested in joining the Migrant Health Research E-group, signing up is very easy. Type your e-mail address into the migrant health research field below, follow the online instructions and within minutes you will be a member. If you have any questions or would like additional information about the migrant health research e-group, please contact Janie Favre at ( or via phone at (512) 312-2700.

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