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Hombres Preparados: An HIV/AIDS Education Program for Solo Latino Farmworker Males

hombres preparados: HIV/AIDS curriculum

HIV/AIDS continues to be a serious problem in the Hispanic community. In 2001, HIV/AIDS was the third highest cause of death among Hispanic men ages 35 to 44. For this reason, we have developed the Hombres Preparados HIV/AIDS Education Program for Farmworkers. The goal of the program and its materials is to reach the solo male Latino farmworker population with HIV prevention information in a culturally appropriate way through the use of lay health workers. This program teaches farmworker men about HIV/AIDS and how they can protect themselves and their families against this disease.

This program and its bilingual materials are unique because they focus on the specific needs of a migrating Latino male farmworker population including issues related to the Latino culture such as religion, gender roles, and how family influences health behavior. The curriculum includes six lessons intended for lay health workers, and can be conducted in 1½ days. The lessons include:

  • Introduction to the Training
  • The Basics of HIV/AIDS
  • Exploring the Farmworker Culture
  • Popular Education for Farmworker Men
  • Conducting Effective HIV/AIDS Education
  • Accessing HIV/AIDS Resources

In addition to the training curriculum, we have developed an English and Spanish fotonovela style flipchart for lay health workers to use while conducting their education sessions. The fotonovela flipchart provides the most pertinent HIV/AIDS information in a story format incorporating cultural aspects of the male farmworker community. One side of the flipchart guides the lay health worker by providing him/her with a script to read, while the participants follow along with the photos, illustrations, and brief messages printed on the viewer side of the flipchart.

To view a sample lesson from the curriculum click here:

Training opportunities are available to interested organizations. For more information on the Hombres Preparados Program, please contact Monica Fossi by email at:

(*This program was funded by a cooperative agreement # HHMP041004 from the Office of Minority Health and the Office of Public Health and Science, of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.)