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Health Tips



Formally titled Farmworker News, Health Tips is a new, bilingual (Spanish/English), quarterly-published newspaper that is distributed throughout the U.S in both print and electronic copies.  It is intended to address those health concerns that are particularly prominent among the underserved Hispanic and/ or farmworker population.  With a national circulation distributed primarily through health centers, migrant education providers and Hispanic health and advocacy organizations, it focuses on important health tips for the individual as well as families.

Because these marginalized populations confront unique barriers when accessing health resources and services (some of which may include frequent mobility, English as a second language, an alternative culture, lower education attainment, prejudicial treatment, tenuous immigration status, etc.), the articles contained within the newspaper are sensitive to their needs. This includes the use of lay terminology and lower literacy content, in both English and Spanish.

The goal of Health Tips is to provide health information that will educate and encourage individuals to visit a health clinic or health provider for their healthcare needs.  The articles inform about serious illness that must be treated early, as well as the preventative care needed for a healthy lifestyle. Health Tips presents the latest, most updated information on health topics and also includes contact information for those seeking further information.

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Interested individuals can subscribe to the print or electronic versions of Health Tips.  Subscribing to the electronic edition is free of charge.  NCFH also offers the print edition for free to all Migrant Health Centers (Federally Qualified Health Centers).  Any other organizations interested in receiving the print publication can subscribe for an annual, reduced rate as designated by the table below.

Subscription Option

Number of Copies*Yearly Fee
AUp to 100 $100.00
BUp to 300 $260.00
CUp to 500 $400.00
DUp to 750 $540.00
EUp to 1500 $900.00






*Number of copies refers to the amount of copies received per quarter.  For example, subscription option A’s annual fee includes a total of 400 copies, 100 over each quarter.

 **Free subscriptions for Migrant Health Centers please contact Ramona Arredondo for number of copies.

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